How Has SEO Changed in 2014?

SEO is a powerful and reliable method that helps in online marketing. With the right kind of SEO, one can get the awareness that they are looking for online. SEO has been around for some time now, and one of the important thing to note is that, SEO is constantly changing and advancing to a more sophisticated method of online marketing.

how-to-do-seo-300x231Learning SEO from the right source is just as important as the methods in itself. If you’re in the New York area, seek out an SEO teacher in NYC to help you as you learn what needs to be done. Effective teachers can prove and show off their current results as a demonstration of power.

If you have been using SEO, you need to understand and consider the how SEO has changed since it began. In the year 2014, there are four major ways in which SEO has changed. Let have a look at how is has changed:

1. Normal and conventional marketing has evolved and has improved to become content marketing. Content marketing can simply become referred to as “content SEO”. When it comes to SEO, content is very important. When you have powerful and eye-catching content, you are sure to make your marketing campaign a lot easier. Simple SEO just gives you on site stuff, but with content marketing and SEO, you get more power. Some of the best New York SEO companies have writers on staff to help creata amazing content.

When it comes to search optimization, there are usually two main types of things to do. One optimizes the site to appear in the popular search engines and also there is the content that is written to get links back to the website, this is what we refer to as content marketing and content syndication

2. PR and SEO merged
PR is an ideal method of online marketing and advertising. One could not have seen PR and SEO working together, but over the past few months, these two have merged. They have proved to provide a more powerful and ideal way of optimizing a website. One needs to understand how PR and SEO merge to make a much better platform and increase awareness. If you are currently relying on SEO and PR alone, one needs to understand the importance of merging the two and having them work for you.

3. Search engine algorithms have changed
Since the introduction of SEO, the algorithms have improved and become a much more sophisticated in regards to reducing spam and low quality optimization techniques. Algorithms used in placing websites have a higher standard of requirement nowadays making the process more complicated than before. With the improved algorithm, searches have become easier and better, ensuring that you get the online marketing that you require.

social-media-syndication-300x2224. SEO has gone Social
With so many social platforms and networks today, social marketing and optimization have become the new type of SEO. The social platform is powerful and is gradually growing, providing a much easier and better way of conducting searches. Social SEO is something that is still new and works ideally to improve your online presence.

These are the various and vital ways that SEO has changed in the year 2014. SEO will continue to improve and change so as to provide more ways for site optimization and marketing.

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